ZA Fest is a unique festival that aims to promote the great Albanian music and wonderful nature. The selected location for the very first edition of the festival was the marvelous village of Theth in the Albanian Alps.


PIK Creative supported the project from the very beginning, despite the challenges it presented. Our agency was in charge of the creation of the visual identity of the event, promotion in social media and organization of the festival.


The performance of the artists Vlashent Sata, Shpat Deda, Elina Duni and Arben Bajraktaraj, also the enthusiasm of hundreds of participants from all over Albania and Kosovo created a charming atmosphere. We are proud that we delivered an unbelievable experience in one of the most beautiful jewels of the Albanian nature.


Can’t wait to be part of the next edition of “Zâ Fest – Muzikë dhe rrëfenja nën hijen e malit!”


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