Rapidol S


Rapidol S it’s a great pain reliever and an effective anti-inflammation product, which also operates quickly thanks to the fact that contains a large amount of ibuprofen. But what makes Rapidol S so special is the easy way that we can take this medicine, all shaped in a small gold gelatinous pill.


Inspired by its shape, usage and great effectiveness, we decided to communicate Rapidol S for what this medicine really is: small pills which can relief all sorts of pains, like headaches, menstrual pain, flu symptoms and much more. Relating to this concept we created four “TVC pills”, where the consumer, from the firsts frames, can understand the product essence and its different usage. In this TVC series pain is a real character, acting as a real person, which constantly torments other people during their daily activities, but only till the moment that Rapidol S enters the scene.


Although, the colors, the situations and all the character actions are defined by a smart sense of humor, which also reflects the easy usage (without medical prescriptions and counter effects) of Rapidol S.

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