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Innovation hubs are social communities, work spaces or research centers that provide subject-matter expertise on technology trends, knowledge and strategic innovation management, and industry-specific insights. These hubs enable active knowledge transfer between researchers and business experts, on the one hand, and industry, government and representatives of academia, on the other hand. Here, decision makers can meet and brainstorm with scientists and business experts and discuss their complex business challenges.
This type of project has recently been implemented by the Albanian government as well, aiming to come to aid to people with potential ideas but who lack resources or to business people and institutions that are willing to invest in the development of new ways of serving the community. Our duty in the project was to design the brand identity of this new service, including design and development of the website, as an important communication tool.

For the logo, we focused on using one of the most familiar symbols of learning & knowledge: a pencil. The dominating color used, orange, represents creativity, determination, success, encouragement and stimulation – the essential values of the Tirana Innovation Hub.


For the website, we chose to propose a simple design, but at the same time “cool” and reflecting the link to technology and innovation. The homepage menu-s were designed as iOs application icons, while the combination of black with vibrant colors makes it more appealing to the younger target group. PIK also was in charge of the website development process.



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