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Hippo Markets is a relatively young company, an Albanian chain of supermarkets which was founded to offer to the consumer high quality products, with affordable prices.


We crafted and developed the brand identity, the visuals and all the communication aspects of the company. One of the daily goals of Hippo is to “give a smile” to its clients, that’s why we designed a logo which smiles and transmits positive feelings. Also, Pik Creative is in charge for the visual branding of the supermarket spaces, for designing and communicating the special offers and the campaigns, through smart posters, elegant catalogs and innovative social media posts.


The slogan of Hippo is “full of goods”, created as a company moto to promote the affordable high quality products, which are responsibly offered to please all the types of consumers. But Hippo it’s also “user-friendly”! We developed a website, where the clients can get informed in real time about special offers, campaigns or for the client’s recipes and also have the possibility to browse the updated catalog.

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