Make this summer unforgettable

This year, Amstel’s goal was to make everyone’s summer unforgettable. Dedicated especially for those who were stuck in their home cities and couldn’t escape the heat to go the beach, we decided to bring the beach atmosphere wherever they were.


By voting on, users could request the Amstel van to visit their city and hold a real summer party there.  Users could also enter promo codes on the microsite and participate in the weekly draw for gifts ranging from Amstel branded power banks to latest models of smartphones.


Our job was to take care of the whole campaign, from idea conception to execution: key visuals shooting & design, animated TVC, microsite development, van branding, event organization, social media management & online ads management…


What marked the end of the campaign was the unique story of three boys from Peshkopia city, who requested the Amstel Van to have a summer party in their city, not through the microsite but through a video-message. The video was posted in the Amstel Albania Facebook Page, where it reached within a day the target number of likes needed in order for Amstel to host the party in Peshkopia. The party afterwards was a real success :)


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